A/B Testing常考题目

之前给大家分享了Product Sense类型的准备资料,今天来分享一下寿司总结的A/B Testing常考的题目,这次总结的是A/B Testing最基础的题目类型,之后寿司会在分享进阶版题目以及A/B Testing相关case study。

What is A/B testing, and how does it work? Describe the basic steps involved in conducting an A/B test.

Why is randomization important in A/B testing?

How do you determine the sample size for an A/B test?

What is statistical significance in the context of A/B testing?

How do you interpret the results of an A/B test?

What are some common challenges in A/B testing, and how would you address them?

How would you decide which A/B test variant to implement in a real-world scenario?

When comparing two A/B test variants, why is it essential to consider both statistical significance and practical significance?

In a real-world scenario, you ran an A/B test for a website’s call-to-action (CTA) button. Variant A has a higher click-through rate (CTR) than Variant B, but Variant B has a higher conversion rate. How would you interpret and explain these results?

Describe a situation where you might prefer to use Bayesian A/B testing over traditional frequentist A/B testing. What are the advantages of Bayesian methods in this context?

You conducted an A/B test on a new feature in a mobile app and found that the overall conversion rate increased by 2% in the experimental group compared to the control group. However, after segmenting the data by age groups, you noticed that the older age group (above 50) had a decreased conversion rate in the experimental group. How would you interpret these results, and what further analysis would you conduct?

In an A/B test, you obtained a p-value of 0.08. How would you interpret this result, and what action would you take based on this p-value?

What are some practical considerations and challenges when running A/B tests in a live production environment?

How would you handle missing data in an A/B test analysis?

In an A/B test, you observed a significant increase in the number of sign-ups in the experimental group compared to the control group. However, you suspect that the increase might be due to a seasonality effect rather than the actual impact of the variant. How would you address this issue?

A/B Testing可考的题目类型还是很多的,这次分享的是最基础的题目,这些最基础的题目主要考察是否了解A/B Testing的过程,是否能用现实世界的例子来说明你的观点,是否能利用statistical knowledge的知识来解决问题。更高阶的题目以及case study寿司之后会继续分享,欢迎大家继续关注~

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